Tyra Banks on Why She's Returning to 'ANTM': ' I Have to Be There for It to Continue'

Tyra realizes that it may be a mistake for her 'to have walked away,' as fans of 'America's Next Top Model' are vocal in voicing their disappointment in the model over her retirement from the show.

AceShowbiz - Fans of "America's Next Top Model" are on cloud nine when Tyra Banks announced her return to the show as a host. Recently, the supermodel/host revealed as to why she decided to come back to the long-running show after exiting the popular modeling competition last year.

"My fans on social media-and not just my fans, but the fans of the show-were very vocal to a point where I was like, 'Maybe it was a mistake for me to have walked away?' " Tyra revealed to TV Guide at the Freeform Upfront red carpet.

She figured out that to avoid the show from being axed, the only solution was having her back as a host. "From a pleasing the fans and then looking at the business side, I think I have to be there for it to continue," she explained.

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During her 22-season hosting, the supermodel-turned-business mogul had created many new words and catchy phrases known as Tyra-isms, much to fans' like. When asked about which Tyra-isms she liked the most, she revealed, " 'Hoe, but make it fashion' is my all-time Tyra-ism." She continued, "There was one model that was looking very too sexy and I was like, 'OK, pose sexy in the shot, but make it fashion.' "

Tyra decided to quit the show when the series moved to VH1 last year, ending a long run at The CW and WB. And now, Tyra is set to return for "America's Next Top Model" upcoming season, taking over the hosting duties from Rita Ora.

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