'Homeland' Kills Off Major Character in Season 6 Finale

This character meets his/her demise after suffering a near-death incident in the fifth season.

AceShowbiz - "Homeland" just killed off its major character and you might not see it coming. While a death was imminent in the season 6 finale, some might think that Dar Adal, who opposed President elect Elizabeth Keane, would not survive this season.

But instead, [SPOILER ALERT!] it was Peter Quinn (%cRupert Friend%) who took the bullets in the Sunday, April 9 episode. After surviving a near-death experience in the fifth season finale, he died a hero driving Keane and Carrie to safety while gunmen fired shots from every direction in the planned assassination on the president elect.

As if it wasn't heartbreaking enough, Carrie later found an envelope with picture of Quinn's baby boy, whom he never really met. As she looked through other photos, she stumbled on a picture of herself. She broke down in tears as she realized that Quinn loved her.

Meanwhile, Saul visited Dar Adal who's now in jail. "I never intended things to end up so dark," he told Saul, but insisted that there's something "distinctly un-American" about Keane. And he might be right.

In another scene, Carrie got a phone call from Saul who frantically told her that he's being put under arrest along with officials from the CIA, the State Department and other high levels of government, because of Keane's paranoia. Carrie tried to reach out to Keane, but she's kept outside. "Innocent people are being arrested in your name!" she yelled outside the Oval Office.

So, will Carrie still accept Keane's offer to be her senior adviser? That and Saul's fate are among the questions to be answered in the next season.

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