'DWTS' Pro Cheryl Burke Is on Board for 'Dance Moms' Following Abby Lee Miller's Dramatic Exit

'Dance Moms' reportedly began filming with the 'Dancing with the Stars' alum on Wednesday, March 29 for additional season 7 footage and Abby believes that Cheryl will be treated better on the show.

AceShowbiz - Following Abby Lee Miller's fiery Instagram post announcing her exit earlier this week, "Dance Moms" reportedly has moved on and tapped a guest choreographer to step in for Abby. According to Entertainment Tonight, "Dancing with the Stars" pro Cheryl Burke has joined the Lifetime series for season 7.

The show reportedly resumed filming for additional season 7 footage on Wednesday, March 29 with Cheryl, who appeared in 19 season of "DWTS". "It's a go with or without Abby," a source told the site on Monday, March 27. A rep for "Dance Moms" explained in a statement that Cheryl's involvement on the show was strictly as guest star. "The current season of 'Dance Moms' that finished taping last week was shorter than normal because of Abby's schedule. Cheryl Burke will appear as a guest choreographer, as is standard practice when Abby is unavailable," the rep said.

Cheryl, meanwhile, hinted on social media that she was returning to work, though she didn't specifically mention what it was for. On Wednesday, March 29, the two-time winner of Mirrorball Trophy shared a photo of her feet and wrote in the caption, "Back to work! Dance Dance Dance."

Prior to tapping Cheryl, the show reportedly had to bring on celebrity choreographer Laurieann Gibson. Gibson was tapped to teach the girls in place of Miller, who was said to have been "bolted from [filming] three or four episodes." However, Gibson only filmed for three weeks after Abby returned with an alleged list of demands, which include "nobody mentioning 'jail' and Gibson not being allowed on set."

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Abby shared her opinion on Cheryl joining the show. "I think that's great." She added, "I only met her once at a housewarming party a couple weeks ago. I'm glad that someone who has worked on a network show for as long as she has on 'Dancing with the Stars' is going to see what I've been working with for seven years."

"I don't think she's replacing me, I think it's going to be a different vibe," Abby continued. She went on saying that she believed that Cheryl would be treated differently. "I bet you the budget is completely different, and I bet you she is never driving her car, with her gas, getting parking tickets that she has to pay, walking up and down the streets looking for fabric on her feet," she said.

Abby took to Instagram to announce her dramatic departure from the show which she had been doing for six years. She explained that the reason behind her exit was because she felt that she was "being manipulated, disrespected, and used day in day out" by the producers. According to Abby, the producers ignored her demand for "creative credit for all the ideas, award winning routines, themes and costuming."

Abby's departure from the show came amid her bankruptcy fraud case. Last June, the star pleaded guilty for the charges, facing a maximum of six months behind bars. Abby will learn her fate in the upcoming sentencing, which will reportedly take place this year.

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