Iggy Azalea Twerks All Over Hong Kong in 'Mo Bounce' Music Video

The new music video of 'Mo Bounce' features the Australian rapper and a crew of dancers twerking through Hong Kong.

AceShowbiz - A day after releasing 'Mo Bounce', the second single off "Digital Distortion", %cIggy Azalea% premiered a music video for the upbeat track on March 24. In the twerk-filled video, Iggy and a crew of women dancers twerk and perform acrobatic dance moves all over Hong Kong.

The video takes place in Hong Kong streets and underground world where dancers of all ages showcase their skills. "I just want to twerk in a video," Iggy previously said in an interview with Beats 1. Her wish obviously comes true with "Mo Bounce" video, as she twerks every time she sings the chorus, "Mo bounce in the motherf**kin house/ Mo bounce in the motherf**kin house."

The director of the video, Lil Internet, talked about how he came up with the concept of Hong Kong nightlife and bright neon colors in the video. "When I heard this song, images popped in my head. I knew she was gonna be in Hong Kong-- I've never been, but I immediately got this kind of cyberfunk 'Fast and Furious', gritty feel," he told Complex.

Lil Internet admitted that public opinion about the video and Iggy concerned him. "I can't speak for her, obviously, and that needs to be said and foremost," he said. "I can't speculate what it's gonna do, but I'll tell you one thing: I know that this is her doing what she wants to do and expressing herself in a genuine way with music and a video that she was excited about and wanted to make. To be honest, I think seeing genuine artistry and genuine honesty-- if you hate on that, that's totally ridiculous, because it's super rare these days. When the art is really genuine like that, there's nothing to do but respect it."

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