'Legion' Season Finale Preview: You're Gods

David starts to embrace his power and Melanie realizes that David is a 'world breaker.'

AceShowbiz - With only one episode left in the inaugural season of "Legion", David has begun to realize which things are real and which are fake. In the penultimate episode, [SPOILER ALERT!] he talked with his rational mind and figured out what the parasitic psychic mutant, confirmed earlier in the season as the Shadow King, that controlled his brain wanted from him.

He assumed that his biological father must have known about the Shadow King and battled him on the Astral Plane, but the villain followed David when he was given up for adoption and raised by the Haller family. David managed to cut off Shadow King's power supply and attained complete control of his power.

In a preview for the season finale, Sydney tells David, "The power is real. You gotta accept it." She also tells him to save himself. Melanie admits that the Interrogator for Division 3 (played by %cHamish Linklater%), who now sports scars from burn wound on half of his face, is "right about David." She adds, "He's a world breaker."

In another scene, David tells the Interrogator, "You don't have to be afraid." The Interrogator replies, "Look at you, you're gods. And someday you're going to realize you don't need to listen to us anymore." Meanwhile, someone asks a "permission to launch the peacemaker."

"Chapter 8" or the last episode in the first season of the sci-fi series will air Wednesday, March 29 at 10 P.M. on FX. According to official description of the episode, "David faces his biggest challenge yet."

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