'The Bachelor' Finale Recap: Whom Nick Viall Proposes to?

Nick introduces Vanessa and Raven to his parents before picking one of them in the final rose ceremony.

AceShowbiz - Has %cNick Viall% finally found "the one" for him? After his unlucky stints on "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise", the 36-year-old Wisconsin native decided whom he proposed to in "The Bachelor" season 21 finale.

But first Nick introduced Vanessa and Raven to his parents in Rovaniemi, Finland. His mom Mary asked Nick if he had a favorite between the two, but he said he didn't. Raven, who already met his little sister Bella in Wisconsin, met the family first.

Bella told Raven, "I hope he picks you." Nick's dad Chris liked her "maturity" and said he could "definitely see Raven fitting in with the family." Mary also liked her, saying that Raven "seemed like an honest, trustworthy person... Can't imagine her hurting anyone." Asked what he thought of Raven, Nick said, "She's fantastic."

When Vanessa met Nick's family, his father asked her about who she was and where she's from. When talking to Nick's mom, Vanessa admitted she loved Nick, but confessed that she's "afraid [about] what if we're not ready." She expressed the same concern to Nick's dad, who later told the camera that he was convinced "she loves him," but he's afraid that Vanessa would hurt Nick.

Nick got one last date with Vanessa. They rode horses in the snow and went to a shack in the Arctic Circle. They got a visit from Santa Claus, to whom Nick expressed his desire to find "love." Vanessa told Santa her wish was "ending up happy with the person I love."

Later in the evening, they sat outside by a fire before she told Nick that she was afraid of the "unknown" and his inability to fully reassure her that they'd be together. Nick said he learned from his experiences to be "very careful" with his "willingness to express things," but assured her that "when I've been with you, I've only thought of you." They then kissed before Nick left.

For his last date with Raven, they went ice skating on a frozen lake. "It's coming full circle," said Raven, as they roller-skated during their one-on-one date in Milwaukee. They laughed a lot as Nick told the camera, "She always put me in a good spirit."

Over drinks, Nick admitted he's "stressed" about making the final decision, but he cared so much for both Raven and Vanessa. Raven tried to ease his worry by saying that she had "no hesitation" and was "ready" if he proposed. Nick thanked her for being "so sincere" and they made out before he left.

After picking the diamond ring which he would use to propose to, Nick met Raven first. She told him, "I love you." Nick said he loved her, but he's not "in love" with her. He seemed more hurt than Raven, who thanked him before getting into her car. As she's leaving, she wondered in the car, "What could I do differently?"

Vanessa arrived next. Nick recalled the moment he fell in love with her and told her that he's fallen more and more in love with her every day and that he could see his future with her. He then got down on one knee and proposed to her with the diamond ring. She said "yes" and accepted his "final rose."

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