'Real Housewives of New York City' Episodes May Be Trimmed Because the Stars Are Boring

Rumor has it that 'RHONY' episodes in the upcoming season may get slashed to less than 20 since the cast members are deemed dud and don't have much stories to offer.

AceShowbiz - "The Real Housewives of New York City" reportedly is facing a danger, despite the recently-announced April 5 premiere. Sources tell Page Six that the number of the episodes of the ninth season of "RHONY", which adds %cTinsley Mortimer% to the cast, may get slashed since the new cast members don't provide "enough heat" for the show.

Although they wrapped up its filming over the weekend, rumor has it that Bravo "has yet to commit to many episodes will run." One source familiar with the show says, "They are talking about cutting down the number of episodes in the series this year." The source adds that the network may cut it down to 14, unlike the previous season which ran 20 episodes.

An insider tells RadarOnline, "The problem is that no one except Countess LuAnn [de Lesseps] has a storyline. Bethenny's [Frankel] divorce has been going on so long that it is no longer interesting. Carole's [Radziwill] book with her boyfriend looks like it's never going to get published, and Sonja [Morgan] is still talking about launching a Tipsy Girl cocktail." Another source adds, "The only story that they have is LuAnn's big wedding and she didn't allow the show's cameras inside to film it."

The addition of Tinsley is also deemed no help to the storyline. "Nothing happens. Tinsley was a dud. The other women have been doing this for years and she had no real training," a source claims to Page Six. It was previously reported that Tinsley's storyline would be about her search for love in NYC.

Tinsley is not even featured much in the first official trailer which Bravo released on Monday, March 6. The trailer, instead, takes center on %cLuann de Lesseps%'s engagement, as well as %cSonja Morgan%, %cDorinda Medley% and %cRamona Singer% tipsily fighting on a trip to Mexico. It also features %cBethenny Frankel% skinny-dipping in a pool, and %cCarole Radziwill% opining on the presidential election.

Page Six further states that the number of episodes can hit some of the Wives in their paycheck since, according to a source, some are paid per episode rather than a fee for the season.

Bravo has yet to comment on the report.

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