Tom Hanks Keeps White House Reporters Caffeinated by Giving New Coffee Maker

The 'Saving Private Ryan' actor gives a $2000 new coffee maker to the White House press corps to 'keep up the good fight.'

AceShowbiz - %cTom Hanks% attempts to boost the White House press corps' productivity by giving them a new coffee maker. On Thursday, March 2, Reuters White House and politics reporter Steve Holland took to Twitter to share the picture of the fancy espresso machine that was sent by the "Sully" actor.

Apparently, Hanks didn't send an ordinary coffee maker. The machine appeared to be a Pasquini Espresso Machine, which price went between $1.740 and $2.219. Alongside the snap of the coffee maker, Holland wrote, "Thankx to @tomhanks for the new coffee machine for the schlubs in the WH press room."

Holland later uploaded a typewritten note that Hanks sent along with the coffee maker, which read, "Keep up the good fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Especially the truth part." The note also featured Bill Mauldin's Pulitzer prize-winning World War II drawing, which compared the reality of the American soldiers during the war with how it was being reported.

Hanks has been keeping the White House reporters caffeinated for about 10 years. The 60-year-old actor first sent a coffee maker in 2004, during George W. Bush's presidency, after finding out the White House reporters had been drinking vending machine coffee regularly. "I hope this machine will make the 24 hour cycle of news a bit more pleasant," he said at the time. "Add water, insert pod, press button and report. All good things. Tom Hanks."

The "Captain Phillips" actor later bought the reporters another coffee maker during Barack Obama's administration in 2010. Hanks decided to upgrade the coffee maker after noticing the machine looked run-down during his visit to the White House.

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