Cee-Lo Green Tells Minority Youth to Have 'Power' in New Music Video

The 42-year-old singer 'encourages black youth to reach for the stars' in his new track featuring rapper Tone Trump.

AceShowbiz - %cCee-Lo% Green debuted a new music video featuring rising Philly rapper %cTone Trump% on YouTube on Friday, February 17. The 42-year-old singer delivers a powerful message for the youth as he encourages them to "reach for the stars."

In the new clip, Cee-Lo encourages the youth to pursue their dreams despite their difficulties as minority. He sings, "Late night I went to sleep with the power/ Woke up early this morning with the power/ Kill and eat and devour it in and out/ It ain't soft round but the power/ Call my last name I used to cook it/ It's all muscle memory so basically I cook it."

The music video sees Cee-Lo smoking cheroot in pink hoodie. The "Forget You" hitmaker can be seen performing some magic tricks in the clip as his hand can spark fire. Cee-Lo sings in slow pace before Tone Trump joins him and raps in a yellow hoodie. Tone Trump also has his own tricks as he can spit birds from his mouth and spurt water from his hands.

Last month, Cee-Lo along with Tone Trump opened up about their new motivational song in an interview with Vibe. The duo explained that their goal was to support and encourage youth, especially black youth, to pursue their dreams and excel in anything they like, "whether it be in the classroom, boardroom or in the streets."

"Information is equality. And we can talk... as long as the conversation is about power," Cee-Lo explained the meaning of his new song. "What I know for fact is my power, what you don't know... is mine too," he added.

Tone Trump later elaborated Cee-Lo's explanation by adding, "As a young black American Muslim man from the streets I understand how important real power, honor and education is right now in our country. I want this song to inspire my people and give them great vibes during these trying times. That's power!"

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