This Turkish Musician Insists He Is Adele's Biological Father

A man named Mehmet Asar makes a shocking revealation by saying that he is the real father of the British singer, and is prepared to take a DNA test to prove it.

AceShowbiz - A man named Mehmet Asar from Bodrum has made a shocking revelation by saying that he is the biological father of Adele. The Turkish musician claims that he met the British singer's mother, Penny Adkins, in Bodrum back in 1987 when he was working as a taxi driver.

Asar says he drove Adkins around the area where they grew close over two weeks and fell in love. "I toured Bodrum coves and Pamukkale with Penny Adkins and her friends for two weeks," he tells a Turkish newspaper. "She introduced herself to me as a nurse. At the time, we liked each other. We were together for two weeks."

"Then she extended her vacation, returning to England a month later," the 52-year-old man continues. "She came to Bodrum again twice, staying for a month. When she was leaving, she wanted me to come with her. However, I told her that I wanted to live in Bodrum instead of England and she could stay here if she wanted to."

Asar says he lost touch with Adkins after she returned to the U.K. "She returned to England, we spoke on the telephone for a couple of times, but it was both hard and expensive to make international calls at the time. We lost touch afterwards," he says, before claiming that "the time we had been together corresponds with the time Adele was born."

Asar further gushes over Adele having some resemblance to him. He says he did some research after watching her perform at last year's Grammys. "When I looked through Adele's moves, when she raised her right hand during concerts, I saw the third and fourth fingers were adjacent," he says. "I became even more surprised because my right hand's third and fourth fingers are also adjacent when I raise it."

"In addition, the highlights she makes when she is singing are similar to mine, which could also be genetic," he claims, insisting that those resemblances could prove that he is the "Hello" hitmaker's father, not her estranged father Marc Evans. "I think I am Adele's father, I feel it," he adds. "I can even carry out a DNA test if she wants too."

Adele has said that she has Turkish, Spanish and English backgrounds, but she hasn't elaborated further. While the Turkish man insists that he is the real father of Adele, a source close to the "Rolling in the Deep" singer has shot down all of his claims, telling The Sun that they're "nonsense" and "entirely false."

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