Armie Hammer Responds to 'Green Lantern Corps' Rumor

The actor was reportedly included in the shortlist of actors to play Hal Jordan in 'Green Lantern Corps' cast, but he says, 'That's the first I've heard of it.'

AceShowbiz - %cArmie Hammer% was recently reported to be in the running for the role of Hal Jordan in "Green Lantern Corps". Hammer has now responded to the rumor, saying that it's the first time he heard of it. "I saw the reporting too," Hammer told TheWrap during an interview at Sundance Film Festival. "That's the first I've heard of it."

Back in December, the "The Lone Ranger" actor was trolling fans with a hint that he would play a certain role, and fans assumed that he was talking about Green Lantern. But Hammer's response to the rumor apparently suggests that either he hasn't been formally offered the role or he simply wants to keep his potential involvement in the film secret.

Hammer's new film "Call Me by Your Name" is currently screened at Sundance Film Festival. The movie is based on Andre Aciman's novel of the same name. Set in 1980's Italy, it follows the story of an affair between a 24-year-old American Jewish scholar and a 17-year-old American-Italian Jewish boy.

Besides Hammer, other actor who are reportedly considered to play Hal Jordan in "Green Lantern Corps" include %cRyan Reynolds%, %cBradley Cooper%, %cJake Gyllenhaal% and %cTom Cruise%. Reynolds played Hal Jordan in 2011's "Green Lantern", and DC is considering whether he should make a return. In addition, Reynolds stole viewers' attention with "Deadpool" last year, which is a good reason why he should come back in another superhero flick.

Cooper auditioned for 2011's "Green Lantern" before the role went to Reynolds. He also voiced Rocket in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie franchise.

Like Hammer, Gyllenhaal has been a fan favorite for the role. He expressed his interest in starring in superhero movies last year at SXSW event. Cruise, meanwhile is an interesting choice because he never appeared in any superhero movies before. He is currently filming "The Mummy" reboot and developing "Mission: Impossible 6".

Since casting process is still in the very early stages, there hasn't been any discussion between DCEU and the actors about the role.

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