Shannen Doherty Says a Woman 'Lunged Away' From Her After Cancer Treatment

The former 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star sets the record straight on the misconception of radiation treatment that makes people afraid of coming in contact with cancer patients.

AceShowbiz - %cShannen Doherty% shared a shocking story about a woman who was afraid of coming in contact with her after she told the female that she just got a radiation treatment. The cancer-stricken actress said on Instagram that the incident happened in an elevator.

"Today, we were in an elevator and I was asked how I was feeling," she recounted the story. "I responded by saying that I had just gotten a radiation treatment so therefore very tired. The random girl on the elevator with us physically lunged away as far as she could. She then proceeded to look horrified for the next 3 floors."

Doherty later dropped some "cancer truths" to educate her online devotees, "Just a heads up.... 1. You can't catch it 2. The radiation won't leak out of me and go into you. Hope that helps. #cancertruths from the #cancerslayer."

She added a lengthy note in her next post, "A lack of knowledge doesn't make a person dumb or rude. What I realized is that not everyone has the knowledge nor knows what an individuals treatment is. I would hope that if one is radioactive, they would adhere to the policy of staying away from children and not cuddle into their loved one like I was."

"Here I am receiving IMRT, one of the External Radiation therapies available. According to Sloan Kettering, External Radiation only affects your cells for the short time your receiving treatment. A person who has received external-beam radiation is unable to contaminate or transfer that radiation to any other person. So there ya go for those interested!!! More #cancertruths from the #cancerslayer."

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