Britney Spears Mispronounces Tinashe's Name During Onstage Performance

The 35-year-old pop diva completely messed up her duet partner's name and Twitter thinks Tinashe should change her name accordingly.

AceShowbiz - Britney Spears and Tinashe have spent a lot of time together recording their collaborative track "Slumber Party", but it doesn't mean the Pop Goddess completely knows who her partner is. Tinashe recently joined Britney in a concert to perform the song, but Brit completely forgot her duet partner's name when they were on the stage together.

After performing the song, Britney wrapped her hands around Tinashe. She wanted to thank Tinashe for her performance but she got her name severely mispronounced. Britney excitedly shouted to the audience, "Everyone give it up for Tinasha!!!"

Fans hilariously reacted to the flub by telling Tinashe to change her name. "I'm sorry @Tinashe but your name is Tinasha from now on, Britney is never wrong," one fan tweeted. Another wrote, "If Britney Spears mispronounced my name like she did with 'Kee-sha' or 'Tinasha', I'd legally change my name to how the queen pronounced it."

Earlier this week, the "Make Me..." hitmaker sparked a collaboration rumor with Christina Aguilera as a Christina fan discovered a clue regarding the collab. A screenshot taken from music licensing website APRA showed that "Do You Wanna Come Over?" from Britney's latest album "Glory" had been registered with Britney, Christina and La Bouche as its performers. Neither Britney nor Christina has confirmed the rumor yet.

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