Demi Moore Annoys Mila Kunis for 'Butting in' After Birth of Her Son With Ashton Kutcher

The 54-year-old actress has reportedly been trying to be involved in her ex's life by sending gifts to his son and giving his wife Kunis 'advice on how to raise more than one kid.'

AceShowbiz - It sounds like Demi Moore still can't get over her ex Ashton Kutcher. Years after their divorce, the actress is reportedly still trying to be involved in her former lover's life by sending gifts to his and his wife Mila Kunis' second child, Dimitri.

Citing an insider, Radar Online claims that Moore "has been trying to butt in Ashton and Mila's lives again" since the pair welcomed their son last week. In addition to bringing gifts for the youngest Kutcher, the "Ghost" actress is said to try to give Kunis "advice on how to raise more than one kid."

But Kunis apparently doesn't find Moore's sweet gestures acceptable. "Mila just snapped and told Demi that she has had enough. She wants her to just leave them alone," says the insider. "Demi didn't have any boys anyways, so Mila seems to feel like her advice is just quite comical."

"Mila is done playing nice to Demi and she knows that it might hurt her, but she is tired of pretending that they are friends. She's just over it," the source adds.

But another source can shoot down the claims made by Radar Online about the two ladies. Responding to the article, a source close to Kunis tells Gossip Cop that the story is "100 percent false." The source assures everyone that Moore never interferes in Kunis and her husband's lives after their son Dimitri's birth.

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