The Rock Seduced by a Bikini Babe in 'Baywatch'  Longer Teaser Trailer

The former wrestler, who plays a lifeguard in a beach along with Zac Efron, is featured in the teaser saving a girl who is trapped in a burned boat.

AceShowbiz - Paramount Pictures has unleashed a longer teaser trailer for upcoming comedy movie "Baywatch". It features Dwayne "%cThe Rock%" Johnson and %cZac Efron% as two beach lifeguards named Mitch Buchanan and Matt Brody respectively.

It opens with Mitch saving a girl who is trapped in a burned boat. "If you want me, you can have me," the girl, who likely falls for him, asks. "Some other time," he responds, before throwing the blonde babe to the sea.

Other scenes show him having some hard time with his newly-recruited fellow lifeguard Matt. "This is the guy yo think is a good PR?" he asks his boss. "He is reckless." The boss sarcastically responds, "With two gold medals. How many medals do you have? Probably zero."

"Baywatch" will hit U.S. theaters on May 19, 2017. Directed by Seth Gordon from a script written by Mark Swift and Justin Malen, the movie remake follows two unlikely prospective lifeguards who vie for jobs alongside the buff bodies patrolling a beach in California.

Other cast members include %cAlexandra Daddario%, %cKelly Rohrbach%, %cPriyanka Chopra%, %cHannibal Buress%, %cCharlotte McKinney% and %cAngelique Kenny%. Original stars %cPamela Anderson% and %cDavid Hasselhoff% are set to make appearances.

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