Kardashian Sisters Try to Block Blac Chyna From Trademarking Their Family Name. How She Reacts?

The Kardashian sisters' companies file a notice that opposes Blac's request to trademark what will become her married name, Angela Renee Kardashian.

AceShowbiz - It appears that another feud between the Kardashian sisters and Blac Chyna has been brewing. It has been reported that the Kardashian sisters have tried to block Rob Kardashian's fiancee from trademarking what will become her married name, Angela Renee Kardashian.

The 28-year-old model, who recently gave birth to her and Rob's daughter, filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on behalf of her company Lashed LLC in May. And now the request has been contested by Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian's companies, Kimsaprincess Inc., Khlomoney Inc. and 2Die4Kourt, respectively.

If Blac's request is granted, she would have the sole right to use the name for advertising and entertainment services, such as TV, movie and promotional appearances. The Kardashians' attorneys said in documents obtained by E! News that they believe the companies will each "suffer damage, including irreparable injury, to their reputation and goodwill" if Blac's request is granted.

However, a family source notes that it's the trademark attorneys' standard practice to oppose anyone who tries to file such request. "Their trademark attorneys automatically oppose anyone trying to trademark 'Kardashian'," the source tells E! News. "I doubt the girls were even aware." The source adds, "Everyone loves each other. It's just business."

Blac's lawyer Walter Mosley has also responded to the opposition, calling it a "big misunderstanding." "The Kardashians, like Angela and my other clients are very protective of our marks, I think for us this is going to be a clear case win, because it's actually her name, it's not a poaching. I would hope that this is just a junior lawyer's error, who's just responding to everything and not really looking at who it's from or why it was filed," the lawyer tells PEOPLE.

"There's a softer side of this where Angela has to have a conversation with her family. But until I hear otherwise, I'm just going to proceed as I normally would with a lawsuit. I have 40 days to respond," Walter says, adding, "I'm hoping that it's just a big misunderstanding but I'm just proceeding as if it's not and am going to do the best work I can for my client."

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