Naked Jai Courtney Chased 'Suicide Squad' Director Around on Set. See the NSFW Photo!

Conan O'Brien obtains a picture of the 'Suicide Squad' actor completely naked and running around to terrorize David Ayer on the movie set.

AceShowbiz - Jai Courtney was completely exposed on "CONAN". The actor's naked picture was revealed by Conan O'Brien when the actor stopped by the talk show on Thursday, December 1.

During an interview with the host, Jai was asked about a prank he pulled on "Suicide Squad" director David Ayer. "He used to pay visits to us in our trailer at base camp. You're shooting a big movie and it takes a lot of time to get things done. I'm chilling out and he would kind of rock up uninvited," he told Conan. He went on recalling, "He came into my trailer one day and I mustn't have had any clothes on."

Explaining why he was naked at the time, he said, "I probably just took a shower because we'd been under a rain tower or something." He insisted, "I'm sure there was a logical reason for being in the buff."

Having no regret, the actor explained, "I like being naked. I get a lot of things done naked. Some things you shouldn't do naked. Some things you should try naked that you wouldn't normally."

Recalling the time when he saw the director, Jai said, "He comes in.., and look! I'm an impulsive dude, so I just kind of went after him." He added, "Jay Hernandez, who plays Diablo in the movie, I could hear behind me saying, 'Sick him boy!' You gotta go with these kind of things. The moment happened and I just took off."

Conan then asked Jai if he didn't care that the cast and crew saw him running around naked on set. Jai replied, "You gotta go with it, man. You know what I mean."

Shortly after his confession, the host told him that a fellow cast member had shared a photo of the chase without him knowing. Seeing the picture, the actor said, "I'm just wondering who I gotta kill now for dropping that, dude. Because I've got dirt on that crew."

However, Conan was more interested in Jai's perfect running pose in the picture. He said, "You know what's amazing, you look like a drawing of a guy running on a crosswalk sign."

The actor added, "I'm happy to be the fall guy for the shenanigans if they want to embarrass one of us. But, yeah, that's interesting. I'll have to chat to the producers after this." Conan replied, "We'll let you know who did it. You can pay them back and we'll have them on and they'll humiliate you again."

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