'Gilmore Girls' Creators on the Last Four Words: It's an Open Ending

While she ended the Netflix revival 'in a Life Repeats Itself kind of way,' Amy Sherman-Palladino says Rory doesn't necessarily follow the footsteps of Lorelai as a single mom.

AceShowbiz - Amy Sherman-Palladino brought "Gilmore Girls" full circle at the end of "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" with the last four words. [SPOILER ALERT!] "Mom?" "Yeah?" "I'm pregnant," was Lorelai and Rory's last conversation in the fourth part of the Netflix revival and it left viewers with a lot of questions.

Speaking about the big cliffhanger, Sherman-Palladino tells TVLine, "I always wanted [the story] to end in a Life Repeats Itself kind of way. The daughter following in the mother's footsteps." She, however, notes that it doesn't necessarily mean that Rory will follow in the footsteps of Lorelai as a single mother. "By the way, Rory doesn't have to keep the baby. There are choices here that she can make. It's just the left turn. It's that curveball that life throws you," she adds.

Weighing in on the ending, co-creator Daniel Palladino tells EW that "it was an open ending and there's a lot of unanswered questions about what her next move would be." Thus, when asked what the sex of Rory's baby will be, Sherman-Palladino won't say anything. "I don't know, she hasn't had the baby yet. We have to wait until it comes out," she coyly answers.

Sherman-Palladino explains why she ended the show with the cliffhanger. "It wasn't open-ended for any nefarious reasons. It's open-ended because life is open-ended," she claims. "One of the things that I always liked that we did on 'Gilmore' is we never ended things with a hug, we never concluded things, we never had the moment where it's like, 'Everything is going to be okay.' I think that that was the element here - it seems like Lorelai's settled, it seems like Emily's settled, but you know what? Life continues and life never is settled until you're dead and somebody throws you in a box."

With that put into consideration, the series creators never planned a happy ending for the show. "No, we weren't going for a happy ending," Sherman-Palladino says. Palladino adds, "But we don't see it as a tragic ending."

Since Sherman-Palladino said she had known the final four words years ago, she confirms that Rory was going to be younger when she got pregnant. "Originally it was going to be that she was 22, just getting out of college and heading off to get a master's somewhere," she reveals.

There's also a question about the father of the baby. To this question, Sherman-Palladino responds, "It really wasn't about the father; it was about the event," stressing that it's not who the father is which is important.

While the baby's father isn't confirmed yet, %cMatt Czuchry% whose character Logan is the best candidate as the baby daddy has some advice for Logan. "Don't marry Odette," he said during a Facebook Live chat on Thursday, December 1. Odette is Logan's fiancee.

"Chase down Rory. Make that work. She is the love of your life," he went on urging. "Odette, I always kind of looked at as part of his family obligations, so I would say, if I could give Logan one piece of advice, it would be to chase down Rory. Follow his heart."

So, will there be more episodes of "Gilmore Girls"? Sherman-Palladino says, "No one is talking about that right now. We're all very tired. I have to finish this Amazon pilot ['The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel']." She, however, doesn't rule out the possibility

According to streaming tracking company Symphony, the "Gilmore Girls" revival has delivered big ratings for Netflix. The show attracted 5 million adults 18-49 viewers for its four episodes during the program's first three days online, which is around 3.5 demo rating if it were on a broadcast network.

The show is one of the biggest hits for Netflix, just behind "Fuller House" (7.3 million) and "Orange Is the New Black" (5.8 million). Unlike "Fuller House" which lost most of its viewers after the first episode, most fans who watched the first episode of "A Year in the Life" also watched the rest.

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