This Major Character Won't Return to 'Angel Has Fallen'

Gerard Butler's Mike Banning will miss one key character from the first two films as it is confirmed that one of his presidential best friends won't be by his side in the third movie.

AceShowbiz - It's been confirmed that Gerard Butler will reprise his role as secret service agent Mike Banning in the sequel to "London Has Fallen". However, a new report has emerged, claiming that one of his presidential best friends won't be by his side in "Angel Has Fallen".

Aaron Eckhart has confirmed that he will be absent from the third movie. While promoting "Bleed for This", the Golden Globe-nominated actor told Collider that he wouldn't return as President Benjamin Asher. "The president is retired," he said. "He's golfing and he's amassing his library right now."

With the president's absence, it's unclear who will be protected by Mike. Meanwhile, Morgan Freeman will return as Vice President Allan Trumbull. Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt will once again pen the screenplay for the third installment of the "Olympus Has Fallen" movie series.

"Angel" is said to be a code name for the President's official plane Air Force One in this new movie that will be released in 2018. Successfully thwarting any effort to harm the President in the first two movies, Mike is now targeted by the enemies.

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