Tom Hanks Plays 'Black Jeopardy' as Donald Trump's Supporter on 'SNL'

The 'Sully' actor also spoofs his own movie and channels his inner Chris Wallace to moderate the third and final presidential debate on 'Saturday Night Live'.

AceShowbiz - %cTom Hanks% became one of the "Black Jeopardy" contestants on "Saturday Night Live". Wearing a "Make American Great Again" hat, he surprisingly did well. In another sketch, he impersonated %cChris Wallace% to moderate the third and final presidential debate between %cAlec Baldwin%'s %cDonald Trump% and %cKate McKinnon%'s %cHillary Clinton%.

The actor also poked fun at his own movie. In a scene straight out of "Sully", he played a not-so-modest Sully Sullenberger who bragged to Baldwin's Captain Doug Hubbard about being an American hero, knowing %cEllen DeGeneres% and getting a free Apple watch. "Brace for impact! Just kidding," he said, interrupting Captain Hubbard's passenger announcement.

It was the umpteenth time Tom Hank hosted "SNL". On his latest return to the NBC variety show, he embraced his "America's dad" reputation and gave the nation a pep talk during his monologue. "Now, I would've preferred Sexiest Man Alive, but I will take it," he joked.

Another hilarious skit was a "Weekend Update" with %cLeslie Jones%. The "Ghostbusters" actress joked about being hacked. "The only person who can hack me is me," she quipped.

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