Joe Manganiello Reveals When 'The Batman' Will Begin Filming

While Ben Affleck hinted the movie was further off than fans expected, Manganiello reveals that the production will begin soon.

AceShowbiz - %cBen Affleck% hinted "The Batman" was further off than fans expected during a Facebook Q&A weeks ago. However, %cJoe Manganiello% has revealed that production on the upcoming DC movie will begin sooner than expected.

Manganiello spilled the beans while talking about how he was doing after his recent health scare with Entertainment Tonight. "Great, man," the 39-year-old actor said during the interview. "Just getting ready to go shoot 'Batman' in the spring."

An official release date has yet to be set, but Warner Bros. announced release dates for two untitled movies on October 5, 2018 and November 1, 2019. Since filming on the movie is slated to begin between March and May 2017, fans have speculated that the fall 2018 release date is set for "The Batman".

Plot details about the superhero flick are still kept under tights wraps, but Manganiello is already on board to play the villainous Deathstroke to antagonize Affleck's Caped Crusader. In addition to starring, Affleck is on board to direct as well as co-write the screenplay.

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