New 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Promo Photo Takes Us Back to Rory's First Love With Dean

After a throwback to Rory and Jess' romance, the latest photo posted on the show's official Instagram account pays homage to Rory and her first boyfriend Dean.

AceShowbiz - It's Dean's (Jared Padalecki) turn to get the highlight in a new promo photo for "Gilmore Girls" revival. To tide fans over the release of "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life", the show's official Instagram page posted on Tuesday, September 20 the image that would remind fans of Rory's (Alexis Bledel) relationship with Dean.

The picture features books, including a copy of "Moby Dick", "Jane Eyre" and "Anna Karenina", which Rory read while she was with Dean. In the middle of that row of books is a box of cornstarch, which is a nod to the time Dean kissed Rory at Doose's and she ended up stealing a box of cornstarch.

"First kiss. First crime," so read the caption, which couldn't be more sweet and appropriate.

First kiss. First crime.

Foto kiriman @gilmoregirls pada

Previously, the show's official Instagram page got us nostalgic with a picture of Jess' (Milo Ventimiglia) scribbled note on a copy of "Howl" by poet Allen Ginsburg. It was a reference to the moment in season 2 of the original series when Jess borrowed Rory's copy of "Howl" without telling her.

Besides Padalecki and Ventimiglia, Matt Czuchry will return for the four-part revival to reprise his role as Rory's other ex, Logan. Bledel recently told Us Weekly, "I think there is satisfying closure for any fans of any of the three couples that tend to get some attention. But they're very different interactions. I would say each one of them [gets] closure in a different way."

Also starring Lauren Graham, Kelly Bishop,Scott Patterson, Keiko Agena, Liza Weil and Danny Strong among others, the "Gilmore Girls" revival is slated to arrive November 25 on Netflix.

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