Watch Dory and Princess Anna of 'Frozen' Hilariously Talk to Each Other on 'Ellen'

Kristen Bell introduced the iconic princess from 'Frozen', whom she lent her voice to, to the blue tank fish, whose voice was provided by Ellen DeGeneres in 'Finding Dory'.

AceShowbiz - Kristen Bell and Ellen DeGeneres brought their beloved Disney characters to reality on Tuesday, September 20 on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". The 36-year-old actress introduced Princess Anna from "Frozen (2013)", whom she lent her voice to, to Dory, whose voice was provided by the 58-year-old host in "Finding Nemo" and "Finding Dory".

"How fun would this be?" DeGeneres asked the "Bad Moms" actress before handing her a face-in-hole rendering of the iconic animated princess. "You have children, and you can imagine your children at home watching you and Dory talk to each other, you know?" she jokingly said.

Wearing their respective cutouts, the pair improvised a scene which featured Dory and Anna meeting for the first time. "Hi, Dory. I'm Princess Anna," Anna/Bell started. "Hi, I'm Dory. Who are you?" Dory/DeGeneres asked. "Princess Anna," she answered, before asking the blue tank fish, "Do you want to build a snowman?"

"I'd love to build a snowman," Dory/DeGeneres answered. "Great. Let's do it," Anna/Bell said. "I'm Dory, who are you?" Dory/DeGeneres asked again, playing up the amnesiac fish's short term memory loss before jokingly adding, "Let's build the snowman. What Snowman?"

It's not the first time DeGeneres brings an animated character from screen to life. The host recently performed a live Pixar-inspired scene with Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks, who provided the voice of Woody in all three "Toy Story" films between 1995 and 2010, in the September 9 episode of her long-running talk show.

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