'Pretty Little Liars' Summer Finale Recap: Mary Drake's Child Revealed, Someone Dead

A goodbye, a rekindled relationship, a car crash, pregnancy and death are other among jaw-dropping moments seen in 'The D'A'rkest Knight'.

AceShowbiz - "Pretty Little Liars" just had the most twisted summer finale ever. One Liar was shot, another is pregnant and one character was dead in "The D'A'rkest Knight" that aired Tuesday, August 30, but that wasn't as shocking as the reveal of Mary Drake's child.

Before that, we got to see [SPOILER ALERT!] Hanna and Caleb rekindling their romance with a hot night in front of the fire. Spencer went on a date with Marco, but she still couldn't forget Toby. Toby decided to move to Maine with Yvonne and Spencer stopped by to say goodbye. She asked him for one last kiss and he let her.

Aria learned that Ezra's former fiancee Nicole is still alive. And while Aria was waiting for his return, she had to watch Ezra and Nicole's romantic reunion on TV. Meanwhile, Ali found out that she's pregnant with Elliot's child.

Toward the end of the episode, the Liars received a text that led them to Joseph Lloyd King School for the Blind for a meet-up to exchange Noel's flash drive for Hanna's self-incriminating video footage. Jenna was waiting for them there and asked them to leave the flash drive on the table.

The Liars heard Hanna's video playing from upstairs and headed up to look for it. They were about to leave when Emily realized she left her phone upstairs. The girls split up. Not long after, Noel chased after Emily and Hanna with an ax. During their struggles, Noel dropped the ax and decapitated himself. As if it wasn't creepy enough, his head rolled down the staircase.

Downstairs, Jenna had a gun and hunted Aria, Alison and Spencer in the dark. Jenna ended up shooting Spencer. She hid, but her wound was apparently serious as she's bleeding from her chest. Suddenly, Mary Drake appeared to help her. She told Spencer that she would never hurt her, because Spencer is her child.

Elsewhere, we saw a truck crashed on the side of the road. Toby and Yvonne were in a wrecked car. Toby was unconscious with blood dripping from his head.

"Pretty Little Liars" returns with the final 10 episodes in April 2017.

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