Gigi Hadid, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts Win at Guys Choice Awards 2016

Other winners at the Spike TV event include Kobe Bryant, Anna Kendrick, James Franco, Kiefer Sutherland and Olivia Munn.

AceShowbiz - %cGigi Hadid%, %cBen Affleck%, %cMatt Damon% and %cJulia Roberts% were among the winners at Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards this year. %cKobe Bryant%, %cAnna Kendrick%, %cJames Franco%, %cKiefer Sutherland% and %cOlivia Munn% also took home a prize each.

Drunk and disorderly #GuysChoice

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Jean-Claude Gahd Dam Award! #guyschoiceawards #bestactionstar #psylocke #xmen

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Despite a new report suggesting that she's still dating %cZayn Malik%, Hadid who received the Our New Girlfriend title walked the red carpet solo at the Los Angeles event. She flaunted her long legs in a sexy black dress with a high neckline and sheer panels.

BFFs Affleck and Damon were named Guys of the Decade and took the stage together to collect their gold antler trophies. Roberts who wore a black lace jumpsuit received an honor as Woman of the Decade while Kendrick was recognized for being Hot and Funny.

❤️Sister Wives❤️ So obsessed with these dudes #GuysChoice #MikeAndDaveNeedWeddingDates @zacefron @andybovine

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Other attendees at the prize-giving event which will air June 9 included %cZac Efron%, %cSarah Hyland%, %cRobert De Niro%, %cRobin Thicke%, %cRZA% and %cNorman Reedus%. %cChrissy Teigen% and singer husband %cJohn Legend% were in attendance as well.

Goodfellas 🙏

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  • Woman of the Decade: %cJulia Roberts%
  • Comedy MVP: %cAdam Devine%
  • Train Heroes: %cAlek Skarlatos%, %cAnthony Sadler% and %cSpencer Stone%
  • Guys of the Decade: %cBen Affleck% and %cMatt Damon%
  • Athlete of the Decade: %cKobe Bryant%
  • Hot and Funny: %cAnna Kendrick%
  • Unstoppable Jock: %cVon Miller%
  • Our New Girlfriend: %cGigi Hadid%
  • Virtuoso Award: %cJames Franco%
  • Outlaw Award: %cKiefer Sutherland%
  • Jean-Claude Gahd Dam: %cOlivia Munn%

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