Is Taylor Swift in 'X-Men: Apocalypse' or Not? Find Out the Answer

Actress Sophie Turner reignites the rumor that Swift would make a cameo in the May 27 film by tweeting an easter egg.

AceShowbiz - %cTaylor Swift%'s presence in "X-Men: Apocalypse" is still an intriguing mystery for some. The Internet went crazy again over the speculation that the singer would make a cameo in the film after actress %cSophie Turner% made a picture caption to indicate so.

Turner, who plays Jean Grey, was giving fans an easter egg from the film. On Friday, April 29, she posted a photo of Jean, Cyclops (%cTye Sheridan%) and Jubilee (%cLana Condor%) in a record store and finding a Dazzler album "Sounds of Light and Fury". The caption read, "#FBF that time Cyclops and I went shopping at the mall and found our favorite singer's album (pre 1989, of course)."

Swift's superfans would know that "1989" refers to the singer's album. Whether Turner was aware of that or not, her words were taken as a hint that Swift could play Dazzler in the film. After all, scribe Simon Kinberg told EW in January that Dazzler's cameo "could happen".

The Swift cameo rumor began last summer when Kinberg tweeted a photo of himself, Turner and %cJames McAvoy% together. He would later debunk the story, telling MTV, "We went to [a Taylor Swift] show, me and those people, and then she invited us to come back and meet her afterwards. It was just a photo backstage at the concert, and that was the only time we ever saw her. That's where that particular rumor came from."

E! News' insider additionally said, "She's not in the film. And it's not her on the Dazzler album cover from Sophie's tweeted photo."

"X-Men: Apocalypse" hits U.S. theaters May 27.

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