'Jungle Book' Clip Reveals Idris Elba's Shere Khan Is Blind

An angry Shere Khan shows his scars as he confronts a pack of wolves who takes a little boy under their care.

AceShowbiz - "The Jungle Book" debuts a clip that gives a better understanding of Shere Khan's distaste towards human. The jungle beast voiced by %cIdris Elba% confronts a pack of wolves lead by Akela (%cGiancarlo Esposito%) about a new addition to their group.

"I can't help but notice there's this strange odor today. What is it?" the tiger says. "I almost, almost think it was some kind of man-cub." As %cNeel Sethi%'s Mowgli cowers behind his wolf family, Akela defiantly replies, "Mowgli belongs to my pack, Shere Khan."

"When was it we came to adopt man into the jungle? Does my face not remind you of what a grown man can do?" the tiger shows the scars that blinded one of his eyes. He continues, "Shift your hunting ground for a few years, and everyone forgets how it all works. Well, let me remind you how it all works. The man-cub becomes man ... and man is forbidden!"

Directed by %cJon Favreau%, the film is due April 15 Stateside. %cScarlett Johansson% voices Kaa the python, %cBen Kingsley% voices Bagheera the panther, %cBill Murray% is Baloo the bear, %cChristopher Walken% is King Louie the orangutan, and %cLupita Nyong'o% is Raksha the mother wolf.

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