Tyler Perry Denies Feud Rumors With Oprah Winfrey

A previous report claimed the pair's 'relationship has soured in the last six months because Oprah finds Tyler difficult to work with and he doesn't take constructive criticism well at all.'

AceShowbiz - %cTyler Perry% has broken his silence on the %cOprah Winfrey% feud rumors. The 46-year-old actor told ET of his alleged brawl with the media mogul, "It's completely false. Nothing is accurate in the article except for my and Oprah's names."

On Thursday, March 17, Tyler took to Twitter to share a group photo of him and Oprah among other cast and crew in his studio. "This picture was taken last week as Oprah came down to celebrate with me and the cast and crew!!!" He then retweeted a posting by %cGayle King% who also debunked the feud rumors.

"Huh? Just reading @Oprah & @tylerperry are angry w/each other & not speaking if that's true (it"ain't")must have just happened 10 min ago!" Gayle wrote alongside a screenshot of an article by Daily Mail.

The site previously published an article with the headline, "Diary of a Mad Black Woman! Oprah is so furious with Tyler Perry for ignoring her suggestions for his TV show she excluded him from her annual holiday and cut off gossipy late night chats."

An alleged source claimed, "When Tyler first brought his shows to OWN in 2012, it was a love affair between the two of them. Oprah was very involved in watching Tyler develop them creatively and they even shot promos together with her as Miss Sophia from The Color Purple and he as Madea. But that relationship has soured in the last six months because Oprah finds Tyler difficult to work with and he doesn't take constructive criticism well at all."

According to the "source", things grew tense when Tyler hire some additional writers to help him to develop his shows. "That's when Oprah finally got to see a side of Tyler she hadn't experienced yet," the "source" said, "He resisted her feedback, the same way he resists the feedback of critics and media people who chastise his work, and became extremely defensive with her. He told her, 'Aren't the shows delivering ratings for the network? Well, then let me do what I do and you can keep your focus group research to yourself.' "

"Tyler didn't leave TBS because he wanted to go to OWN. His deal with TBS wasn't renewed because his shows had stopped generating ratings and Tyler wouldn't take network feedback to help save them when they tried to offer it," the source continued, "So when his contract was up, they weren't interested in re-signing it. Oprah basically had to remind him, 'you needed me as much as I needed you when we decided to do this partnership and don't forget that.' "

Things were allegedly gone worse when Oprah was outraged by the narrative presented in a New York Magazine cover story titled "The Brand Keeping Oprah in Business" along with Tyler. "She knows Tyler is a micromanaging control freak and she felt that he was aware of the story's title and didn't make sure it was killed," the source claimed, "She believed it was done in spite and has told Gayle and her other close friends, she's putting space between she and Tyler."

Oprah allegedly excluded Tyler from her annual holiday with close friends including Gayle, Ava DuVernay and %cDavid Oyelowo%. "She just didn't want him there. She is not happy with the place their friendship is in and decided she didn't want any awkward moments on vacation. Perry did however have a massive bouquet of flowers delivered to their residence in Fiji on Gayle's birthday," added the source.

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