'Agent Carter' Boss on That Fatal Shot in Season 2 Finale: 'He's Not Necessarily Dead'

Executive producer Michele Fazekas says it was their intention to leave the fate of a certain character up in the air at the end of the season.

AceShowbiz - Peggy Carter (%cHayley Atwell%) and the good guys saved the world yet again in "Marvel's Agent Carter" season 2 finale, but not everyone made it out unscathed. [SPOILER ALERT!] Jack Thompson (%cChad Michael Murray%) got shot in the chest by an unidentified person who was after the redacted file on Peggy's supposed "war crimes," just after he finally picked the right side.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Michele Fazekas coyly addresses the fate of Jack. "He got shot. He only got shot," she insists, adding, "He's not necessarily dead. He got shot. That's all we show. ... But we were really clear when we talked to Chad about it, we were like, 'Just so you know, you are getting shot. And that is all we are saying.' "

So how do Peggy will react to Jack's potential death? Atwell tells EW, "She has an interesting relationship with Thompson. I think she deals with him with a bemused tolerance. I think she sees his facade and she understands why a lot of his bravado and his need to be liked and approved comes from, because he's harboring a very guilty secret about his past that he confided in her in season 1."

She continues, "She's not a dismissive person. She's quite tolerant of people. She's quite patient and wants to appeal to the good in him. Planting that seed in him is her hope that he will continue to be a good man. So to lose him, I think she would grieve, but it's not the same. I don't think she would regard him as a friend. He's not someone that can be trusted. She suspects that he's capable of making really bad decisions, but not malicious ones. I can imagine that he would get blinded by Vernon Masters, Whitney Frost and power, but she has sympathy toward that rather than sees that as something bad in him."

Fazekas remains mum when asked who shot Jack. "I'm going to save that for season three," she says with a laugh. "Sorry! We have an idea though." Fazekas, however, denies that the person who shot Jack is related to the Council of Nine.

Also in the season finale, Peggy eventually chose between Sousa (%cEnver Gjokaj%) and Jason Wilkes (%cReggie Austin%) and she sealed it with a kiss with Sousa. On how this will affect Peggy and Sousa's working relationship, Fazekas says, "That's what's going to be fun. I'm really interested in exploring that. I don't think Sousa is under any illusions that he's her boss. He was tweaking her in that moment where he was like, 'As your supervisor...' I don't think Sousa has any hangups about that, and I don't think she does either. What's interesting is, what is it like to work in a dangerous situation with somebody that you care about?"

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