Adele Kicks Off World Tour in Belfast With Jokes and Fan Wedding Proposal

The 'Hello' hitmaker jokes about having 'bad bowel movements' and helps a female fan propose to her boyfriend.

AceShowbiz - %cAdele%'s first concert in her world tour at SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland was filled with humors. She poked fun at herself after kicking off with "Hello", "Hometown Glory" and "One and Only". It was a strategy so her "nerves could calm a little," so she explained to the crowd.

Despite being a big worldwide star, Adele was apparently not immune to stage fright. The Oscar and Grammy winner admitted as quoted by The Guardian, "I've been f**king s**tting myself all day." She added, "Bad bowel movements. I've had to have an Imodium."

The 27-year-old singer/songwriter also vowed to add a whole lot more fans by the time the night was over. "I know some of you have been dragged along," she joked before promising, "But I'm going to win you over ... Although some of my songs get a bit depressing."

At one point, Adele invited one female audience member on stage to propose to her boyfriend in the spirit of Leap Day. The hitmaker helped the man say yes after the woman claimed he only promised a "maybe." The star said, "You have to say a proper yes, bruv!"

After the crowd chanted, the man finally nodded his head. "I've got cameras all around here. I'm making a DVD," Adele quipped. "I'm going to make you the front cover if you don't do it." On top of that, she might attend the wedding, "Essex? That's down the road from me. I'll come."

"This was the best way to kick off our world tour. I could get used to this," she capped off the night.

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