Rose Could've Saved Jack in 'Titanic', Kate Winslet Says

The Oscar-winning actress admits that Leonardo DiCaprio's character could've survived if they did this.

AceShowbiz - Did Rose regret leaving Jack to die in the ocean in "Titanic"? Almost two decades after the film hit theaters, %cKate Winslet% finally admitted that Rose could've saved her lover Jack, who was portrayed by %cLeonardo DiCaprio% in the 1997 blockbuster movie.

In the film, Winslet's character Rose survives because she floats on a wooden panel while Jack dies of hypothermia. When the actress visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Monday night, February 1, the host called her out for "letting [DiCaprio's character] freeze to death" in the movie.

"I agree!" said the Oscar winner. "I think he could have actually fitted on that bit of door."

And Winslet couldn't be more grateful for fans' love for her and DiCaprio ever since they starred in the James Cameron-directed flick. "People are always so excited to see Leo and myself in the same space," she said. "Which, you know, at the end of the day, that is so lovely, isn't it. It's been 20 years and people still get such a kick out of it."

She added, "It's really quite endearing. And we do laugh about it. We were giggling about it last night. I was like, my god, can you actually believe that people just get so overwhelmed by the Jack and Rose thing."

Winslet and DiCaprio recently reunited at the Golden Globe Awards where she won for her supporting role in "Steve Jobs" and the latter nabbed a Best Actor gong for his performance in "The Revenant".

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