Sarah Silverman Responds to Backlashes Over 'Jesus Was Gender Fluid' Tweet

The comedienne made enemies with the conservatives after tweeting on Christmas Day that Jesus doesn't identify with a specific gender.

AceShowbiz - %cSarah Silverman% may have received backlashes from making fun of Jesus on his birthday but she is not retracting her statement. She also made an explanation behind her original tweet which caused outrage among the conservatives.

Silverman wrote on Twitter on Friday, December 25, "MERRY CHRISTMAS! Jesus was gender fluid!" The 45-year-old comedienne was quickly bombarded with disapproval from her followers who did not agree with her opinion. One user wrote, "Have some respect. Not even funny." Another wrote, "You're real brave and funny now. We'll see whose laughing when you meet him."

One took a jab at her failed relationship with %cJimmy Kimmel%, writing, "No wonder Jimmy dumped u, then married someone else. U have become a bitter unfunny hack like @Rosie @JoyVBehar @billmaher." One followers even suggested her to repent, tweeting, "The offer of salvation in Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews, is still open to you. Check a local church tomorrow. #grace."

Silverman, who is now dating actor %cMichael Sheen%, said in a tweet on Tuesday, "I prefer not to respond to nonsense but here (re Jesus being gender fluid tweet, which I still love)." The tweet was accompanied by a screen shot of a short message about how she came up with "gender fluid."

While the haters continued to bombard her with insults, the actress tweeted the next day, "Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. Had a clear sign of alcoholism (Not an attack on your religion just red nosed reindeer)."

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