Watch John Krasinski Get 'Eggnogged' by Jimmy Kimmel in Their Epic Christmas Prank War

Emily Blunt's husband got quite the surprise when he was drenched with egg nog during his appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' on Tuesday, December 15.

AceShowbiz - %cJohn Krasinski% and %cJimmy Kimmel% continued their epic Christmas prank war this year. During "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Tuesday, December 15, Jimmy revealed all pranks done by his close friend and neighbor.

The first video showed a pantless Santa appearing from outside of Jimmy's office window. "Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas," the Santa said, "I'm your secret Santa." Jimmy said while laughing, "What the f**k is going on here?"

In the second video, one of John's helpers sneaked into Jimmy's bathroom with a real reindeer. When the host arrived in front of the bathroom's door, he heard a strange voice and said, "I am not going in this room, I don't know what's in here. It smells weird though." He took off his shoes and brought one of them before opening the door. He burst out laughing when seeing the reindeer. "Enough already!" he said.

In the third clip, John turned Jimmy's office into a winter wonderland complete with snow, polar bear statues and presents. Wearing a nutcracker costume, the 36-year-old actor jumped out to scare his friend before covering him in fake snow.

Jimmy then got back at John by throwing a "celebrity yard sale" at his and %cEmily Blunt%'s house. "That is your home address, John," the host said, "And what we did is we put that on the Xerox machine-good ol' Xerox machine-and we printed out a couple hundred copies of this yard sale sign, and we posted them all over town."

At the end of the entire prank video, Jimmy told John, "I have one other thing for you. Also one other little surprise." The "Promised Land" actor was then drenched with egg nog. Speechless John then came over Jimmy and hugged him before sitting on his lap.

"Soooo... This happened tonight. Happy holidays everyone! @jimmykimmel #christmaspranks," John tweeted a picture of him and Kimmel after the show.

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