Scott Disick and Caitlyn Jenner Hint They Will Celebrate Christmas With the Kardashians

Apparently going to celebrate Christmas Day with the famous family, both Scott and Caitlyn are spotted shopping for a Christmas tree in Los Angeles.

AceShowbiz - After Thanksgiving, Christmas will apparently bring the Jenner-Kardashian family together again. According to PEOPLE, %cScott Disick% and %cCaitlyn Jenner% were shopping for a Christmas tree on Thursday, December 3 in Los Angeles.

A source told the news outlet that Scott and Caitlyn arrived separately. The two spent less than an hour picking out a fir. After they made the decision of which fir they wanted to purchase, they loaded it onto Caitlyn's luxury SUV. "I Am Cait" cameras were seen rolling there.

In late November, both Scott and Caitlyn joined the Jenner-Kardashian family for Thanksgiving dinner hosted by %cKhloe Kardashian%. Both of them also sported happy faces in a family photo taken after the dinner, suggesting that their relationship with the famous family remains amicable.

As previously reported, Scott's relationship with his estranged partner %cKourtney Kardashian% is getting better. Furthermore, the two showed some signs that they're going to reunite in the near future. "Scott has been integrating back into the family and things are going really well. They're a family unit again," said an insider. "He's committed. He's helping with the kids and everyone, Kourtney included, sees how much he's trying. There is no question the family is back together."

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