The Queen Always Wins! Britney Spears Dodges Lawsuit Over 'Piece of Me'

A man named Kirk Rothrum, who sued the singer's label Sony for alleged illegal sample on the hit, has dropped lawsuit against the company.

AceShowbiz - The legal battle over %cBritney Spears%' hit "Piece of Me" won't continue. According to TMZ, a man named Kirk Rothrum, who sued the singer's record label Sony Music for an alleged illegal sample on the song, has voluntarily dropped the lawsuit he filed earlier this year.

In his suit, Rothrum stated that the sound of a woman seductively moaning the "uhh" and "oh yeah" on Spears' 2007 single was lifted off his sound library without his permission. He said he never got paid for the sample, so he sued the label to make them pay him.

However, he ended up deciding to give up on the case and withdraw the lawsuit recently. He argued that he'd spent lots of money on legal fees for nothing because the suit hardly went anywhere.

TMZ reported that Rothrum was given the opportunity to refile the lawsuit in the future, of course if he had the money he could waste.

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