Josh Hutcherson Proud of Making Jennifer Lawrence Pee in Her Pants

Josh proudly reveals that he was able to make his 'Hunger Games' co-star Jennifer pee in her pants when they were filming together.

AceShowbiz - Josh Hutcherson revealed he had a funny moment with Jennifer Lawrence when they were filming the first installment of "The Hunger Games" franchise. During E! News' fun game with his co-stars Jennifer and Liam Hemsworth, Josh proudly said that he made Jennifer pee in her pants.

"I took a dead fake body and I put it in her bathroom in her trailer and she actually peed in her pants," he revealed. "That is called a success." Jennifer then quipped, "Then I kicked him in the temple and gave him a concussion."

When the three of them were asked who was the most likely to break character, they agreed that it was Jennifer. She explained, "Lack of focus. I literally never go over things. I always forget their lines. I always forget that lines are a part of my job. I genuinely forget. Even now, I still do that."

On another note, Josh and Liam praised Jennifer for her recent essay addressing the gender pay gap in Hollywood. "I think it's great," Josh said. "When I read it, I was like, 'Yeah, obviously,' and why are we even talking about it? I sometimes forget that it's actually a thing and I don't even realize it. I'm like, 'It's 2015. I'm sure everyone is getting paid the same.' ... I was really proud. I think she did a good job."

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