Donnie Wahlberg Shoots Down Marriage Problem Rumors With Birthday Tribute to Jenny McCarthy

The 'Zookeeper' actor was previously rumored to have marriage problem with his wife and he even 'walked out' on her after having a 'huge fight' over her son.

AceShowbiz - %cDonnie Wahlberg% shot down circulating marriage problem rumors with his wife %cJenny McCarthy% by posting a birthday tribute to her on Sunday, November 1. Donnie shared a photo of him and Jenny smiling widely to the camera.

The couple was seen wearing matching "Mr" and "Mrs" caps. Donnie held Jenny's hands as they sat on the sofa. "Happy Birthday to my Mrs. I love you so much that 140 characters could only fit a drop of it. #HappyBirthdayJenny," he captioned it.

On Saturday, Donnie posted an animated picture of himself dropping a mic. "Heard there was a rumor that I walked out on my wife... Can't wait to find out where the hell I supposedly went," he wrote alongside the picture.

On the same day, Jenny shared a photo of herself and her husband in their Halloween costumes.

Earlier in the week, OK! Magazine reported Donnie and Jenny's marriage was in crisis because of her immature personality and overprotective nature towards her son Evan. A source told the magazine, "Donnie and Jenny fight constantly; it's nonstop drama. He's had it with her refusal to act like a mature, responsible adult. He always tells her to grow up."

The couple reportedly had a "huge fight" over Evan. "Jenny has spoiled Evan rotten since he was a baby. She never says no to him," the source added. "Donnie realized there is no talking sense into Jenny, so he just turned around and walked out."

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