Monica Bellucci on Menopause: 'It's Going to Be Great, No Periods Any More'

The Bond girl has said that she will start menopause soon, but it is going to be okay as she is 'not nervous about it at all.'

AceShowbiz - Making media headlines ever since she starred as Bond girl in the highly anticipated film "Spectre", %cMonica Bellucci% admitted she is looking forward to the menopause now that she is 51 years old. Instead of feeling afraid about it, she is more than ready to embrace the phase.

"I'm not scared about getting old. It's what's inside that makes us beautiful on the outside," she said in an interview with Daily Mail Online about ageing. "Glasses are so nice. All those things are so touching," she continued. "But menopause is a natural thing, it is not a sickness."

The movie beauty then elaborated, "OK, the body at the beginning will get a bit mad. But after a few months, or one year, it's going to be OK. This is a natural process of life. I am not nervous about it at all." And in anticipation of the phase that she said she "will start soon", Bellucci is hoping to use natural hormones to help deal with it.

"Listen, I had two kids - one when I was 40, one when I was 45. I breastfed for one year, which means I was breastfeeding four years ago. I'm going to move from giving birth to menopause without really realizing," the actress told Daily Mail Online. "Anyway the menopause is going to be great: no periods anymore."

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