Christopher Lloyd Wants a 'Back to the Future' Reboot

The 77-year-old actor reveals he 'would love to be' Dr. Emmett Brown again if the movie is getting rebooted.

AceShowbiz - %cChristopher Lloyd% hopes for a "Back to the Future" reboot. During an interview with Us Weekly at a special screening for the movie in New York City on Wednesday, October 21, the 77-year-old actor was asked for his opinion of a possible reboot.

"I would love to," Christopher told the site, "It would have to be sort of an extraordinary concept to go into No. 4, but if somebody came up with it like [screenwriter] Bob Gale or [director] Robert Zemeckis and it came to be - I would love to be the Doc again."

Christopher attended the special screening along with co-stars %cMichael J. Fox% and %cLea Thompson%. "Who imagined that 30 years later we'd be celebrating the way we have been this week? I've met so many people along the way who tell stories about 'Back to the Future', how profoundly it affected them. I don't know how much further it can go, but it's an extraordinarily unique experience," he said, "I feel very fortunate to be a part of it."

Christopher said "Back to the Future III" was his favorite. "The horseback riding and all that kind of myth about the Old West. And Doc had a romance in it. It was just a lot of fun to shoot and it ends on a very positive note," he explained.

When asked about his favorite scene with Michael, Christopher said, "Certainly in the beginning of 'Back to the Future' when we're in the parking lot, and we see the DeLorean descend out of the truck and the steam and putting Einstein [the dog] in. All of that scene between Marty and Doc is very memorable because it was our first scene together in the shooting of the film."

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