Jenny McCarthy Wants to Pose Naked for Playboy One Last Time

The former Playmate is campaigning to return to Playboy before the magazine stops publishing nude photos next year.

AceShowbiz - %cJenny McCarthy% is campaigning to return to Playboy for its upcoming final issue with full nudity. Jenny made the announcement during her SiriusXM talk show "Dirty, Sexy Funny with Jenny McCarthy" on Wednesday, October 14.

Jenny admitted she's disappointed with Playboy's decision to stop publishing nude photos next year. "This is the thing I have a problem with. Playboy to a classy magazine...a lot of people really do read it for the articles," she shared, noting that %cHugh Hefner% "worked hard on trying to find that Girl Next Door."

The former "The View" co-host worked at a Polish grocery store when she first posed for the magazine. "When I did my test shoot there, I had one uni-brow and a giant bush to my knees. And they were like, 'You're in,' " she recalled. "They really captured that innocence of the women... almost like art...there was nothing ever skanky about the photos."

"I would always pick up the Playboys and think, 'God these women are so beautiful and it's so beautiful,' " she continued. "There was nothing that I felt was too embarrassing or gross. And nothing that I'm not proud of today. It kind of breaks my heart that it's the end of that era, that we have to lose what I would consider very classy nudity in a magazine."

Jenny then expressed her willingness to pose nude for the magazine one last time. "In solidarity I will be wearing my panties at half-mast. I would totally be willing to just take it all off one more time - just to say I'll be in the last one," she said.

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