J.K. Rowling Clarifies Some 'Harry Potter' Fan Theories on Twitter

The British author debunked some theories about 'Harry Potter' saga, saying that the idea that Dumbledore is a time-traveling version of Ron Weasley was a false theory.

AceShowbiz - Becoming a successful movie adaptation, "Harry Potter" has so many loyal fans. Most of them remain curious with anything related to the wizardry series although the movie franchise already came to an end in 2011. Some fans recently made several theories such as Dumbledore was actually a time-traveling version of Ron Weasley.

"Ron is a time-traveling Dumbledore - fact or theory?" a fan asked J.K. Rowling on Twitter. The author then debunked the theory, saying that it was a false theory. Another theory that popped out was the idea that Draco Malfoy was a werewolf and Severus Snape was a vampire. However, that theory doesn't seem to fit the plot although those two wizards possess some same characteristics with the aformentioned magical creatures.

"I've never seen that one before. Draco definitely isn't a werewolf (and Snape's not a vampire)," Rowling addressed the theory. It's not impossible that Snape is actually a vampire, considering that he has pale skin and always uses black long cape, but the story maker stated the opposite.

Rowling continued to answer fans' question by giving a clue about how Snape smells like. She described it as "bitterness and old shoes."

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