Video: Jimmy Fallon Plays Donald Trump Who Interviews His Reflection on 'Tonight Show'

Fallon grills the Republican presidential candidate with various questions about his plans to help the economy and to build a wall at the Mexican border during his late-night appearance.

AceShowbiz - %cJimmy Fallon% impersonated %cDonald Trump% before he interviewed the real-estate tycoon on "The Tonight Show". In a sketch airing in the Friday, September 11 episode, the funnyman played the businessman who interviewed himself in the mirror in his dressing room. The reflection was played by Mr. Trump himself.

During the dressing room talk, Fallon's Trump asked the Republican presidential candidate, "How are you gonna create jobs in this country?" and how he plans to "get Mexico to build a wall at the border." The real Trump told Fallon's Trump to answer the latter question and he responded, "Easy. I'll challenge them to the biggest game of Jenga ever... And then when they finish, I'll say, 'I don't wanna play anymore!' "

On how he plans to help the economy, Trump replied, "Look, I'm really rich. I know how to run a business, and I know how to run this country. So here's what I'll do: First, we have to cut government spending. It's out of control. Then, we gotta lower corporate taxes. It's become impossible to do business here. We've got companies shipping thousands of jobs overseas, and that has to end."

Fallon's Trump also asked his "reflection", "If you win, is your Vice President gonna be %cGary Busey%?" The real Trump answered, "Look, I love Gary. He's fantastic... more of a Supreme Court Justice kinda guy. Vice President is a serious job. So I'll probably go with %cKanye West%."

Later during a sit-down with Fallon, Trump shared what September 11th means to him. "In a certain sense it means strength, because the way the city bounced back. I've never seen anything like it," Trump said. "There is a great strength and resilience we have in this country. We have amazing people."

Fallon later asked Trump when he decided to run for president. "People are tired in this country of being ripped off," Trump explained, citing some government failures. "I'm an efficient guy, I've built a great company, and this is the kind of mindset we need now in this country. We need to become rich again, and we're gonna be great again."

Fallon also asked the 69-year-old New York native if he ever apologized. "Apologizing is great, but you have to be wrong to apologize," he responded. Commenting on Kanye West's announcement to run for president in 2020, he said, "Kanye has been so nice to me. He always says great things to me, so I love Kanye. I love people who are nice to me."

He added, "Kanye is actually, I know him a little bit, he's actually a much nicer person than people think. Now if he happens to run for office, and I'm running against him, I'm gonna take that back."

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