Taylor Swift Brings Out Alanis Morissette and Ellen DeGeneres to Staples Center

The 'Blank Space' singer performs 'You Oughta Know' with Alanis Morissette and brings out Ellen DeGeneres for 'Style'.

AceShowbiz - %cAlanis Morissette% and %cEllen DeGeneres% were the latest celebrities joining %cTaylor Swift% on stage during her "1989" tour. During her latest tour stop at L.A.'s Staples Center, she sang high praise for Morissette before collaborating with her on the latter's epic breakup song "You Oughta Know".

"She defined the music of her decade," Swift said of the Canadian rocker. "She inspired a generation of confessional female singer-songwriters who all of a sudden felt like you could actually say these raw feelings that you had. You could actually sing about your real life, you could put detail to it, you could get really, really mad if you wanted to."

"I think it's fair to say that so many of the female singer-songwriters of my generation, including myself, would not write the way that we do without her and her music. And she has written some of the most brilliant music - in particular probably inarguably the greatest breakup song of all-time."

After the concert, the country/pop singer posted pictures online and tweeted, "Tonight. 'You Oughta Know'. @Alanis. I don't know how to process how amazing she was. Just absolutely magnificent." Morissette herself gushed, "Such a sweet celebration! thank you @taylorswift13."

Swift, meanwhile, brought in DeGeneres for "Style". The TV host/comedienne strutted her stuff on stage, wearing a sparkling jumpsuit that matched the singer's silver costume. "When @TheEllenShow walks out in a more sparkly outfit than yours and a tutu," Swift tweeted.

Taylor Swift also teamed up with %cDixie Chicks%' %cNatalie Maines% for a live duet of "Goodbye Earl". She said on Twitter, "I used to sing Dixie Chicks songs at every talent show. Singing 'Goodbye Earl' with Natalie tonight was unbelievable." Meanwhile, Maines poked fun at their height difference, " Who do you think is taller? Me or Taylor Swift? #sounfair."

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