Mike Epps Blames Nephew After Caught by His Wife Trying to Flirt With Another Woman

The L.J. of 'Resident Evil' denies engaging the young woman, claiming it was his nephew who sent the tweets.

AceShowbiz - %cMike Epps% explains the Twitter drama where his wife, Mechelle, seemingly caught him engaging a young woman who goes by the handle @CeciCitra and asking her to send him a direct message. He claims it was his nephew who tweeted the woman.

"Sorry to all my fans for all the drama on Twitter but I don't run my account by self fyi my nephew DM girls and they find out it's not me," he wrote. Many of his followers didn't buy it though. Meanwhile, @CeciCitra responded, "What Mike epps nephew look like."

The actor/comedian later added, "Ok if I was in court, would I be guilty? They say I had a gun in the bank but I didn't rob a bank ! Lol f**k all yall," to which one fan replied, "Wait who's tweeting now???"

The conversation between Mike Epps and @CeciCitra started with a simple "hey" from him. He then asked if she was on Instagram, to which she replied, "Not anymore. Wasn't getting the likes I deserve." When he asked her to "DM me," his wife interjected with a curious eyeball emoji to let them know that she was watching.

Shortly afterwards, @CeciCitra posted a screenshot of Epps' profile, showing that she had been blocked by the actor. "I. Am. Weak," so she tweeted.

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