Rihanna and Drake's Song Sounds Like Loud Farts, According to Siri

The personal assistant for Apple users will play Rihanna and Drake's 'What's My Name' when asked to play loud farts.

AceShowbiz - Siri can be really mean sometimes. After Apple users found out a few weeks ago that she could give the sassiest response to the question, "What is zero divided by zero?", now they discover that the intelligent personal assistant will throw serious shade at %cRihanna% when asked to play loud farts.

As pointed out by Mashable, users who have Apple Music will have RiRi and %cDrake%'s "What's My Name" played on their devices instead of hearing actually loud farts. Even if users don't have Apple Music or the Rihanna song, Siri will still search for the track.

If you ask, you shall recieve... something.

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First attempt, seems consistent even if you don't have the song.

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Siri previously gave shocking answer when someone asked her, "What is zero divided by zero?" She said, "Imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends. How many cookies does each person get? See? It doesn't make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends."

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