Chris Pine Embarks on Deadly Mission in 'The Finest Hours' Trailer

Bernie Webber (Pine) is ordered by Warrant Officer Daniel Cluff (Eric Bana) to go on a mission to save the lives of a ship's crew after a massive storm split it into two.

AceShowbiz - The first trailer for disaster movie "The Finest Hours" has arrived. Starring %cChris Pine%, the movie centers on a group of rescuers who embark on a mission to save the surviving crew of a ship which is struck by a massive storm.

The trailer opens with Bernie Webber's (Pine) love interest played by %cHolliday Grainger% declaring that she isn't afraid of the ocean. "I'm not afraid of the water, Bernie. It scares me at night, that's all. You can't see what's underneath," she says. It continues with a scene where a T-2 oil tanker, SS Pendleton, splits in half after noreaster struck it.

The sinking tanker with 30 sailors is trapped aboard with first assistant engineer Ray Sybert (%cCasey Affleck%) in charge as a commander. Hearing the news about the disaster, Warrant Officer Daniel Cluff (%cEric Bana%) orders Bernie to lead a four-man crew on a rescue mission.

The crew is set out in a wooden lifeboat with an ill-equipped engine and little, if any, means of navigation, facing frigid temperatures, 60-foot high waves and hurricane-force winds. There are also glimpses of Bernie's love interest begging Cluff to call off the deadly mission.

Scott Silver wrote the recent script which was previously penned by Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson. Directed by Craig Gillespie, "The Finest Hours" is set to arrive in theaters Stateside on January, 29, 2016.

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