'Paranormal Activity' to Be Turned Into Virtual Reality Game

Beast Media Group is developing a still-unnamed virtual reality game of the horror movie with a whole new storyline.

AceShowbiz - "Paranormal Activity" will continue to live on after its sixth and final installment "Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension" hits U.S. theaters this fall. A virtual reality video game based on the horror film series is being developed by Beast Media Group. Fans will have the illusion of being amongst the haunted in the virtual reality game.

According to Beast Media's co-managing partner Alex Barder, the still-unnamed video game won't be based on any of the existing "Paranormal Activity" six movies. It will have a whole new storyline to be played in virtual reality. "VR is the next chapter of the franchise," Alex said during a recent interview.

Beast Media plans to debut the game on all major VR platforms including Oculus, Vive and Morpheus. They will also develop a non-VR version for more traditional gamers, aiming to bring a more lightweight experience to mobile VR platforms like Gear VR. Russell Naftal of Beast Media said, "We try to be as agnostic as possible."

The company has been getting help from sound designers at Universal Sound to craft the soundscapes. "We definitely will be guiding the gamer with carefully placed sounds," said sound supervisor Kelly Oxford. "We want to draw the player into a false sense of safety and then hit them hard with big sounds and visuals."

A first preview of the "Paranormal Activity" VR game is planned to be released at Gamescon in Cologne, Germany in early August.

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