Ray Donovan Gets in Dirty Family Business in Season 3 Trailer

Ray makes a deal with Ian McShane's billionaire character to keep an eye on his kids, including his daughter played by Katie Holmes.

AceShowbiz - Showtime has released the first trailer for "Ray Donovan" season 3, teasing what problems the title character (Liev Schreiber) has to fix next. The video opens with Ray meeting with billionaire movie producer Andrew Finney, a new character played by Ian McShane. He enlists the help of Ray to keep an eye on his kids while he settles his affairs before retiring.

The trailer also introduces Katie Holmes' Paige, Andrew's shrewd and chic businesswoman daughter whom he says "no longer sees me as her father, she sees me as an opponent - something in the way of her ascension." She looks fierce as she offers Ray a better deal.

Meanwhile, Ray is still dealing with his own family's complicated issues. He tries to get his brother Terry (Eddie Marsan) out of prison before he gets harmed. Their father (Jon Voight) has the same goal but he tries to achieve it with a different method, which Ray disapproves of.

"Ray Donovan" season 3 premieres Sunday, July 12 at 9/8c on Showtime.

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