Hank Baskett Sobbing on 'Marriage Boot Camp', Afraid of 'Losing' Wife Kendra Wilkinson

The 32-year-old former athlete breaks down in tears as he is afraid of losing everything again when he tells his wife the truth about his alleged affair.

AceShowbiz - %cHank Baskett% broke down in tears during counseling session with Elizabeth Carroll in a new preview of "Marriage Boot Camp". He prepared himself for revealing the truth about his alleged affair to his wife %cKendra Wilkinson% who was sobbing while waiting for him.

"I know that day I said some things," Hank said in a preview clip which is obtained by Us Weekly. "Because I was scared of losing everything I've wanted in my life. And I have." Hank was apparently anxious about losing his wife if he told the truth about the alleged affair.

Counselor Elizabeth told him that his wife wanted to hear directly from him about the alleged affair. "Listen to me I have talked to her," so the counselor said. "She doesn't want to hear from me. She wants to hear from you - the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

Hank allegedly had an affair with transgender Ava Sabrina London in June 2014. At that time, his wife was eight months pregnant with their second baby. However, the former NFL pro continuously denied the rumors.

In the clip, the counselor was heard asking Hank why he had to call Ava about picture possession. The former athlete said, "Why ask this person if they took pictures? Because it's what I've gotta ask. This person said they have pictures." Elizabeth then said, "You have to tell her everything."

In another clip obtained by E! News, Kendra was in a rage after finding out the audio recording of her husband and Ava's phone conversation. She shouted out loud to Hank who was having conversation with his lawyer, "You guys better clear this s**t right now. It was a five-minute recording, Hank. Five minutes. If I for once believed you did this, it's over."

"Asking if the roommate took a photo of what you guys have done?! F**k you. F**k you. You sick, twisted ass f**k," Kendra continued as she started crying. "I cannot listen to that recording to save my life. You think I'm strong enough to listen to that recording? Like what the hell was said in that recording Hank?"

"You have today to prove you didn't cheat on me," she told Hank. "You have today!"

Kendra and Hank married in 2009 and have two children. They are currently working on rebuilding their relationship after the cheating scandal which surfaced last year.

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