Sarah Palin Criticizes Media for Giving 'Pedophile' Lena Dunham a Pass While Condemning Duggars

The former Alaska governor takes to her Facebook page to fiercely criticize media for condemning Josh's molestation scandal while considering Lena's sexual assault on her sibling cute.

AceShowbiz - %cSarah Palin% slammed the media for their double standard in covering %cJosh Duggar%'s molestation scandal and similar case involving %cLena Dunham%. Writing a lengthy note on her official Facebook page, the former governor of Alaska called Lena "pedophile."

The host of "Amazing America" opened the note with an all-capital-lettered sentence mocking the "Girls" actress. It read, "HEY LENA, WHY NOT LAUGH OFF EVERYONE'S SEXUAL 'EXPERIMENTS' AS YOU HAUGHTILY ENJOY REWARDS FOR YOUR OWN PERVERSION? YOU PEDOPHILE, YOU."

Sarah wrote that she addressed this issue following her daughter %cBristol Palin%'s post about the different treatments the media showed toward the child abuse involving Lena and the molestation scandal involving one member of the conservative family, the Duggars. She said that she was glad as someone finally spoke about the issue. She wrote, "Go get 'em, Bristol! Read her post! I'm glad someone's got the guts to call out these perverts."

The 51-year-old politician shifted her critique to the left-wing party who had control over the media. "The intolerant left's destructive personal intrusions and narrow-mindedness applied to their chosen targets are bad enough, but their double standards are beyond the pale," she wrote.

However, she made it clear that she didn't defend Josh. "I'm not defending the Duggar boy's obvious wrongdoing over a decade ago," she added. She emphasized that what she criticized was the bias the media had to people who shared mutual left-wing politics. "I'm not an apologist for any sexual predator, but I'm sickened that the media gives their chosen ones a pass for any behavior as long as they share their leftwing politics," she said.

The politician then pointed out Lena's case as an example. "Case in point, they suggest Lena Dunham's sexual assault on her sibling is cute, and she's rewarded for it with fame and fortune. Meanwhile, they crucify another, along with an entire family," she continued. "The media's hell-bent mission to go after the entire Duggar family for one member's wrongdoing, while giving a total pass to perverted actions of someone like Lena Dunham - or any other leftwinger celeb caught doing awful things."


Posted by Sarah Palin on 4 Juni 2015

In 2014, Lena launched her first memoir entitled, "Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's 'Learned' ". In that book, she admitted that she masturbated her sister when she was young. She wrote that she did "anything a sexual predator might do."

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